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What can we expect from the band?

For every event we will provide a band, a caller and our own PA system (PAT tested) unless otherwise arranged.  Some venues have their own inbuilt sound system which they prefer us to use, if this is the case, please let us know so that we can speak to the venue about this in advance.  We have public liability insurance to the value of £5million.

We can play background music during the event if requested.  If you would like to play your own music through our PA system, please discuss this with us in advance so that we can make sure our system is compatible with your device.

We will play for as long as you like (within reason!!  It’s unusual for dancers to have the stamina for anything longer than a 4 hour event, never mind the band!!).  We usually play for up to 90 minutes before taking a break.  When we receive a booking enquiry, we will discuss the planned timings for the event with you.

If you have any special requests – specific dances you’d like to do, music you’d like to hear – or if you have any other particular requirements, please get in touch to discuss this with us.  We’re really happy to chat to you about how you’d love your event to be, and will do our best to accommodate any special requests where possible.

What do the band need?

The band will need a space to set up and play during the event.  This needs to be large enough to accommodate four musicians and speakers.  We will need access to one power socket and 4 chairs (without arms).  We generally need access to the venue 45 minutes before you’d like us to start playing, to set up and sound check.  If the venue has particularly tricky access – lots of steps for example – we may need a little longer to get our equipment in.  It is extremely useful if there is space for us to park a vehicle near to the closest access point to where we will be playing.

How many people should we have for a ceilidh?

This is often dependant on how much dancing space you have in the venue.  It can be difficult to sustain a ceilidh with anything less than about 25 people, but other than that, the only limitation will be whether the room you’re dancing in will comfortably accommodate the number of people who want to dance.  If there are more dancers than dancing space, it’s always possible to do a dance twice, to allow people who missed out first time round to swap in.  If you’re not sure about whether the size of your venue is suitable, check with the venue first, they may be able to advise you, or contact us for advice.

Does it matter if we don’t know what we’re doing?

Absolutely not – it’s not necessary to have done any ceilidh dancing before, the caller will fully explain all dances and will tailor the programme to be suitable for the audience at each event.  As far as we’re concerned, it doesn’t matter how ‘well’ or ‘badly’ you dance, what matters most to us is that you have a great time.

How long should a ceilidh last?

Ceilidhs usually last anywhere between 1 and 4 hours.  If you’re having a ceilidh as a stand-alone event, it would usually last 3-4 hours, which would include a break/interval.  If the ceilidh is part of a programme of wider entertainment, the timings can be adapted to fit your event.

We would usually play for a maximum of 90 minutes before taking a break – this makes the evening more comfortable for both the dancers and the band.  At most ceilidhs, we wouldn’t do more than 2 dances in succession before giving the dancers a few minutes to rest and rehydrate.

What venues are suitable for ceilidhs?

A ceilidh can happen anywhere there’s enough space for dancing.  It helps if the dancing area has a hard floor and is clear of obstacles, such as pillars and furniture.

There should be a space left for the band to set up, with a power socket nearby.  If there is a stage, the band will use that, if not then we’ll identify a suitable area to set up.

If you’re looking to hold a ceilidh and would like some advice on suitable venues, please contact us.

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