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For every event, the Blue Hat Ceilidh Band provide their own top of the range PA system with the capability to adapt to rooms of all sizes and a variety of different acoustic challenges.  Our set up is compact, unobtrusive and quick to set up, without comprising on quality of sound.

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Bose L1 Pro32 Portable
Line Array System

The band use two Bose L1 Pro32 line array speakers with a Sub1 Bass Bin to provide fantastic quality and clarity of sound with minimal set up time.  The speakers are sleek and unobtrusive to look at, but provide a phenomenal sound.  Pairing the system with a Bose T8S Digital Mixing Desk, the band utilise the very best in audio technology to

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ensure that they always provide the very best experience in every aspect of their performance.

The Instruments

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For most ceilidhs, Robin and Rachael use Bridge Electric Violins.  Bridge are one of the premier manufacturers of professional standard electric violins in the UK, providing exceptional sound quality.  These electric violins ensure a balanced, full sound even in the most acoustically challenging venues, as they aren't prone to the feedback problems you often get when amplifying acoustic instruments.

Rachael plays a custom made Lyra Dragon 5 string electric, whilst Robin favours the 4 string Bridge Aquila

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Richard's melodeon is a custom built "Exclusive", supplied for him by John Leslie.  Richard devised his own tuning system for this completely unique instrument, to allow him to combine the classic playing sound of the standard G/D melodeon with the harmonic possibilities offered by the British Chromatic system favoured by Jimmy Shand.  With two built-in microphones, allowing each hand to be adjusted and balanced individually, it is an exceptional instrument which Richard uses to great effect to enhance the vibrant, lively sound of the Blue Hat Ceilidh Band.

Phil has a number of different guitars which he uses for ceilidhs - we've never yet come across a guitarist who doesn't own at least a handful of them!!  Our favourite is this heirloom, which has been handed down through generations of Phil's family.  It's long and dramatic history includes being evacuated from Dunkirk in World War 2 and a spell in Africa in the 1960s.  The guitar was restored in the early 2000s to give it a whole new lease of life for the 21st century.

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